Guests love seeing how God has transformed your Church members. This can be a great strategy to get more guests and more members in your Church.

Have your Church members share their testimony or a testimonial about how your Church has changed their life.

Encourage your Church members to share their stories on social media, or create a dedicated hashtag to help spread the word. This can start conversations and bring people closer to God.

Also, a great place to host these stories/testimonials would be on your Church’s website. You can have a special section for these transformation stories. It can either be its own tab (make sure to keep within the 7-8 menu items maximum that Church websites should have) or a subtab somewhere on the menu (perhaps in the “I’m New” section of the menu).

Do several interviews during key moments, if you’d like, and selectively edit them when the time comes. For instance, if you have a new member that’s comfortable with cameras, you could ask him or her if he or she would like to do a short interview about why he or she chose your Church. You could then follow up with that person a year or two later, once better integration has happened and get a new interview. You can switch out these interviews as often as you’d like (or get the website to display some of them randomly).

If you need help with getting testimonials of your Church members, you can get one of our Church Marketing packages. This is one of the services we offer Churches.