Dear Pastors,

‘Tis the season for Christmas preparation, and for Churches, it’s also the season when new faces walk through your doors. Yes, you can count on it – Christmas brings guests to your church services like clockwork. But here’s the thing: your challenge is not just to greet them warmly during the holidays but to ensure they come back for more. So, let’s unwrap a few ideas to make that happen:

1. Keep Christ at the Center of all Christmas Activities

When planning your Christmas activities, remember to keep Christ front and center. It’s tempting to want to mix in some secular tunes, but be careful not to dilute the true meaning of Christmas. The guests who aren’t Spiritual will come back expecting the same, and those who are devout will leave disappointed.

2. Don’t Rush People Out of the Church During the Holidays

We know the Christmas season can be a whirlwind, but resist the urge to rush people out of the Church once the service ends. Plan some extra time to linger, especially during this time of year. You might find familiar faces who want to reconnect with fellow Churchgoers – perhaps they’re back in town for Christmas.

3. Don’t Turn Away Guests

Christmas often brings guests, some of whom may be facing challenges. Don’t turn anyone away. Instead, create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. While you can set boundaries about not soliciting money from your members, remember the spirit of giving and compassion that this season embodies.

4. Make Everyone Feel Like They’re Family

Your regular church members might have their routines, but during Christmas, make an extra effort to embrace new guests as family. After all, there will be many guests who share your Christian faith, and that makes them part of your larger Christian family.

5. Prepare Ahead of Time for a Full Sanctuary

Christmas can bring an influx of attendees, so don’t be caught off guard. Purposefully prepare to accommodate 50% or even 100% more people than usual. Ensure there’s enough seating, materials, and volunteers to welcome the holiday crowd. Bring in extra chairs, if you have to, or prepare an overflow room if you would prefer that. Plan this with extra time in advance.

Final Thoughts

By following these five tips, you’ll be better equipped to embrace the Christmas season and make guests feel like they belong. While not everyone may return, these strategies increase the likelihood that they’ll consider your Church a home for their Christian journey.

So, let’s celebrate the season, share the love, and keep those church doors open wide. Your church growth coach at FaithVenture Media is here to support you every step of the way.

Wishing you a blessed and growth-filled Christmas season!