Social media is usually negative. However, as Churches, you’re to bring the light of Christ into the world. This means to be the light offline, but it also means to be a lighthouse online as well.

Positive Posting

When Churches are the light online, people will be changed by the love of Christ. The Internet is full of trash, but Churches should bring the light of Christ to those people looking for hope.

Philippians 4 tells us to think of the positive things. While we also have a responsibility to preach on sin (and should not forsake that calling either), we are also hope-bearers as we’re Christ-bearers.

Engagement through Encouragement

Don’t just post positive Christian quotes (though that’s also good), also post Scripture. Scripture has the power to change lives, as the preaching of the Gospel has.

Also, diversify what you post. We recommend our method, called the EEIIRY method. Basically, it’s just a guide on what to post and when.

Building Community Online

Use your social media presence to not only build ‘likes’ and ‘followers,’ use it to build ‘followers of Christ.’

By creating community online, you are able to bring people from no hope to hope found in Christ. By creating community online, you will let people know that they are not alone – there are others who deal with or have dealt with what they’re going through. By creating community online, those people will find hope in Christ instead of feeling the emptiness of the rest of social media.

Be the oasis in the middle of a digital desert – bring Christ’s love to your social media followers by building a strong faith-based community.

Getting Started

If you need any help with this, FaithVenture Media is here and ready to help.

If you’re a Church leader, you can also join our free Church Growth community to talk about this (and other topics) more.