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About The eBook

This comprehensive guide, now in its second edition, serves as a vital resource for Churches seeking to start using technology to grow. It’s divided into distinct parts, each addressing a unique aspect of technology and marketing within the community.

Part 1: Starting from Scratch demystifies technology, explaining its relevance and importance to Churches. It lays the foundation for those new to the digital world, answering fundamental questions about the intersection of faith and technology.

Part 2: Marketing Methods for Churches dives into the practicalities of building a church’s online presence. From designing logos and graphics to creating a website and managing social media accounts, this section offers step-by-step guidance tailored to the unique needs of a Church congregation.

Part 3: Technology as a Spiritual Tool explores the use of technology to grow Spiritually. It covers innovative ways to enhance spiritual connection and community engagement, such as online sermon notes, recording sermons, church newsletters, and networking with fellow pastors.

Part 4: Final Thoughts wraps up the book with reflections on implementing a technology plan for the church, DIY alternatives, and potential dangers of technology. It offers a balanced perspective, acknowledging both the opportunities and challenges of the digital realm.

Bonus Material and Appendices provide actionable insights and hands-on guides to boost church attendance and start various social media accounts and websites. These practical tools make the digital journey accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise.

The second edition of this eBook brings fresh insights. It’s a must-have resource for Pastors, Church leaders interested in leveraging technology to foster a connected, engaged, and Spiritually growing Church community.



This brand-new edition of the book offers new insights into Church Growth, along with a plan for your Church to get 10+ guests to your Church each week. If you follow the advice in this book, your Church can use technology for God’s glory and bring more people into your congregation.

About the author.

Jeremy G Woods is CEO and Church Growth Coach at FaithVenture Media, a Church Growth Agency that helps Evangelical Churches grow.  He is also President of Potter’s House Ministries Romania.

Jeremy wrote the first edition of this book in 2017 to help Pastors grow their Church.  The first edition was required and recommended reading in Bible Schools across several countries.  Since then, he’s created this second edition (which is mostly unchanged) to further help Churches grow, adding in a section to help Churches get 10 more guests to their Church each week.

Jeremy G. Woods