There are many ways you could get the word out to your community about your Church. However, many cost a good bit of money to do. Here’s a list of some free (or inexpensive) ways to grow without breaking the Church’s budget.

  1. Seed packets with Church’s info – Purchase seed packets (which are usually inexpensive) and put a sticker on the packets with your Church’s info. Hand them out occasionally (and you could also give them out at community gardens in your area).
  2. Host free music lessons at your Church – Get volunteers from your Church to help teach music.
  3. Adopt a mile to clean up – Some Churches adopt a mile to clean up. Usually, a sign is placed on the highway with the organization’s name. When your Church volunteers, wear shirts with your Church’s logo on it.
  4. Coffee Giveaway in Winter – If your Church is near a highway, give away free coffee or free hot chocolate sometimes in the Winter.
  5. Lemonade Giveaway in Summer – If your Church is near a highway, give away free lemonade sometimes in the Summer.
  6. Public Prayer Wall – Create a public prayer wall somewhere on your Church’s property, where people can write their prayer requests for others to pray. You could even pray as a Church for those prayer requests each week.
  7. Help Reporters – HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a free online platform where journalists request experts’ quotes. Sometimes, they’ll have some that Pastors could help answer. Check it regularly (they send out requests by email 3 times a day, morning, evening, and night) and answer properly if there’s a request that makes sense for you to answer.
  8. Free Christian Book Exchange – Put a Christian book exchange outside of your Church. Ensure that good books remain in it (and if you have to take out a bad book, replace it with a good book). It just has to be used books, you don’t need to purchase new books for this, so it can be very inexpensive to start and only a few hours a month to upkeep, but word can spread about it.
  9. Create a Prayer Line – Get a phone number for people to call and ask for prayer. You would just need to pay for the phone number each month and have a volunteer man the phone (preferably run it 24/7).
  10. Organize a Community Volunteer Fair – Organize a community-wide volunteer fair where people can learn about various ways to get involved with the Church and the community.

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