Church leaders are increasingly turning to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share information about upcoming events, services, and other important news, but a lot of them just stop there (and don’t post more often). This is just scratching the surface of what Churches could be doing to grow. For social media, Churches can post more often, but that’s another post for another day. Let’s look at a free way Churches can grow that actually gets ad spend.

Search Engine advertising (such as Google Ads) is one of the best forms of online advertising for Churches. For businesses, it’s great, as it allows businesses to advertise directly to those searching for keywords related to their business, but did you know that Google helps nonprofits?

Make sure you’re sitting in your chair before you read the next paragraph.

Google offers qualifying nonprofits (including Churches) $10,000/month in free Google Ad spend. You probably read that right – $10k per month per qualifying nonprofit. What does this mean for Churches that read on and don’t do anything about it? Nothing. However, for Churches that want to grow, it means that they can spend $10,000 per month without actually spending their own money (I think you’re safe on this one to not even need a committee’s approval – the committee chair might fall out of a chair).

What does this mean for you? You can learn it on your own or you can get an agency to help you run the ad spend (yes, that would cost money, but it would still be worth it if your Church can pay someone else to run it for you).

If you need some tools for Google Ads, we’re about to add some in our Church Growth Academy. And put your wallet aside for that, too. We give qualifying Churches access for free for one person per Church.

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