If you’re a Pastor, getting everyone on board with new changes can be very rough. And navigating Church growth can also be rough, especially without an extra set of eyes helping you navigate this.

You may wonder what benefits your Church gets through Church Growth Coaching. Here are some benefits your Church can receive:

  1. Strategic Vision and Planning Church Growth Coaching can help Churches with strategic vision and planning. Both of these go hand-in-hand with Church growth, and getting access to a Church Growth Coach can help you plan your Church’s future.
  2. Effective Outreach and Engagement Outreach and engagement are both essential parts of Church growth, and Church Growth Coaching will help your Church plan your outreach and engage your community, especially digitally.
  3. Leadership Development Effective Church growth starts with prayer, but it also depends a large part on your Church’s leadership. Therefore, Church Growth Coaching should also help you with Leadership Development.
  4. Community Building and Connection What is Church growth without connecting with your local community? Effective Church growth will touch heavily on building relationships with your local community.
  5. Adaptation to Change If your congregation is slow to be willing to change, it won’t be able to grow well. Effective Church growth helps your congregation navigate these changes (and be a part of these changes), so that your Church can grow.

We offer Church Growth Coaching from $49/month, where you get access to a dedicated Church Growth Coach whose job it is to know about your congregation and help you navigate growing your congregation.

As an added bonus, we give you 7 days to try it out without paying (you’ll start getting charged the $49/month a week later). lf you’re ready to get started with Church Growth Coaching, click here to get started on your free 7-day trial: https://churchgrowthacademy.faithventuremedia.com/pay/0QJZHTVC