In this episode, episode #0003 of The FaithVenture Media Podcast, we’ll look at how to grow your Church using prayer as one of the key foundations. This is a unique strategy, as it’s also interactive with your community.

The importance of prayer and Church growth

Building a strong Church community requires prayer, and also praying for social media followers and communities is essential.

How to get started with social media prayer requests
Ask your social media followers to share their prayer requests every few weeks, and then have them comment or send prayer requests to a specific Church email address.

Why social media prayer requests matter

  • It shows to your community and social media followers that you care about them.
  • A special bond is built between the Church and the community, and also gets you like minded believers to the Church and brings in new guests.

Benefits of emphasizing prayer requests in social media

  • It builds a strong foundation of faith within your Church community.
  • It brings people into your Church who are more focused on prayer.
  • It’s also great for long-term Church growth.



Growing a strong Church community takes effort in time.

Praying for the congregation and social media followers is an important step in Church growth.

Highlighting the Church’s emphasis on prayer through social media will also help you bring in new guests to your Church as well.

Resources for Church Growth:

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