In the last ten to fifteen years, there’s been a giant shift from in-person to online.  It’s not just been since the Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s what made a lot of people truly realize this shift.

The Internet has brought people further apart, as far as in-person interactions go, but it has brought the world closer together.  We can now with the click of a button connect with just about anyone in any country (of course, keeping in mind time zones).

I run a Christian nonprofit (in addition to this Christian website design and Marketing agency), where all of my fundraising has been online so far (having meetings with Pastors mostly from the US, while I’m based in Romania, in Eastern Europe).

Churches started going digital during the pandemic, but now writing this about a year and a half later, the novelty of the digital world for Churches seems to be going away, as people are reasonably tired of lockdowns, etc.

However, this digital world is going to stay, and most of the people that you are trying to reach are online (whether in your own community or in other countries).  Running away from digital isn’t a good strategy for Churches.  The best is to embrace the good parts of digital and to use it for God’s glory.

This is why we exist, to help your Church reach your community and the world online.  Whether you’re a small or large Church, our goal is the same:  to get you a Digital Marketing strategy that you can have implemented (as well as afford).  We’d love to have a free consultation with you to help you figure out what you want to do for your Church digitally to help your Church grow and reach more people for Christ.  If you’d like to reach your community, set up a free consultation.