Are you looking to digitalize your Church’s giving? Online options are readily available in 2023. While your Church may already have online giving, there are many Churches that don’t yet have it. There are several reasons to introduce online giving to your congregation:

  1. Not everyone can be at Church every Sunday (especially due to health).
  2. Churches are seeing increases in online attendance (even though encouraging in-person when possible, it’s still good to have options available).
  3. Online Giving is quick and easy.
  4. Online giving offers a safe and secure way for people to give to their Church.
  5. Online giving allows for more control of one’s finances, as people can set up automatic payments to ensure their donations are consistently made.

Another option that is increasingly popular is text-to-give. This allows people to give quickly and easily with a few clicks from their smartphone. Additionally, it has been shown to increase overall giving, as people can give on the go and in the moment. Text-to-give is a great way to increase your Church’s giving as well as use technology that helps make it happen.

As a Church Growth Agency, we are looking to help Churches grow by being as much one-stop-shop as possible. This is why we’ve sought a partnership with a company that does online giving for Churches, including text-to-give. Access to this giving platform is included in our top three programs (except for a certain percentage of each donation, which goes to the processer and to the giving platform).

You can find out more about our packages at https://www.faithventuremedia.com/get-a-proposal.