By now, perhaps you’ve been hearing about “The 1-Page Church Social Media Plan.” At FaithVenture Media, we have something similar. We have a framework that’s built around getting the most out of social media posting.

While we don’t give you a specific deliverable inside of our training, we do give you a framework that you can apply to your Church’s social media today.

What this will mean for your Church is that you can learn how to generate posts and not necessarily have to hire an outside agency (although you definitely can — even just knowing this system is helpful).

The name of our method is called the EEIIRY Method (and the course is called “The EEIIRY Method for Social Media for Churches”). However, the mini-course goes much deeper than that exact method.

For those not familiar with our method, EEIIRY is an acronym and stands for:

E – Educate

E – Encourage

I – Inform

I – Inspire

R – Remind

(About the past and about upcoming events)

Y – Yield

(Yield to God or “stop the scroll)

This course is for sale for $10, but I want to give it to you for free, as a thank you for reading this post. You can visit here (https://pages.faithventuremedia.com/eeiiry-intro) and where it asks for coupon code, type in FREE to get it for free.