If you’re always scrambling to get emails sent out to your Church’s guests, there’s another way to do it.

Instead of sending as you can, you can think ahead and create a (small) series of welcome emails.

You can do it several ways (including sending out generic ones or by segmenting your audience). We’ll just look at one way today (generic emails), but audience segmenting is even better because it reaches your audience in an even more personalized manner.

Here’s a generic way to send out welcome emails.

It’s recommended that you only do no more than 5 emails in your welcome series (especially if it’s not segmented).

Here’s an example of the email series you could do:

  1. Welcome from our Pastor
  2. Welcome from our Children’s Pastor
  3. Our Weekly Ministries
  4. New Member Class Info (if you want, or you can substitute it with something else for guests)
  5. Invitation to Attend this Sunday

If you’re segmenting your audience, you can send emails more specific to each guest (automatically).

Obviously, when you send out these generic emails, they won’t always click with everyone, but they can help guests come back, if done well.

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