What do you do as a Church to keep in touch and communicate with each other in between Church services throughout the week?

Social media is great, but it’s not so interactive. You may want to consider starting an online community for your Church. Facebook Groups is a great place to start; however, there are many platforms that work as well (or even better). Some reasons to not use a Facebook Group include:

  1. You can’t necessarily take the group with you if you choose to move away from Facebook for your community.
  2. You aren’t in control of who sees what in the group.
  3. Some people choose not to be on Facebook (for a reason) and would possibly be ok using another platform as a community.
  4. People may get distracted away from the community if they see a Facebook notification or message pop up on the screen.
  5. There are other ways to create an online community for your Church.

That being said, it’s great to have some different features you can’t necessarily have in a Facebook group. Here are just several examples:

  1. Create a discussion forum within the community. (A discussion forum encourages conversations between members and can help your Church create a sense of community beyond Sunday and Wednesday.)
  2. Make your community attached to your Church’s website. Either that, or make the community a subdomain of your Church’s main domain (e.g. community.yourchurch.com).
  3. Have a videoconferencing feature. Videoconferencing will allow your members to have face-to-face contact with one another between Sundays and Wednesdays.
  4. Incorporate multimedia in your community platform. If you add images, audio, and video to your online community, you can help bring your message to life and make it easier to connect with members. Plus, it’s a fun, interactive addition to your community.

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