Church Growth Coaching

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Get your dedicated Church Growth Coach

Church Growth Coaching is done through our Coaching Portal. Here’s the Process:

1.  You have a question or a topic you need help with in digital Church Growth for your Evangelical Church

2.  You write your dedicated Church Growth Coach on our Coaching Platform (you’ll have access there to a specific coaching section for your Church)

3.  Your coach will either write you back directly or create a video that answers your question

4.  You can go back and forth on the question or topic with your dedicated Church Growth Coach to get the answer to your question

5. We recently added another option – an AI chatbot that has our books and resources fed into it, so it will only answer based on our information (don’t count on that answer being from us, as it does use that material to create its own answer). This is helpful in cases where you want a quick response

6. We’re also considering doing weekly or monthly masterclasses (we’ve already started doing this) to help Churches even more (you’ll be able to attend live every Tuesday at 1 p.m. US Eastern time or watch the replays within the coaching portal or in Church Growth Academy).


Here are some answers to questions you may have

Will you create videos that answer the question?

Not necessarily every question will have a video, but sometimes there’s a question that will come up that’s either common or unasked.  Both of these times, at our discretion, we may publish a video related to that on our channel.  No personal information (except perhaps your first name and last initial) will be given through the video, and we will send this video to you as well as the reply.

What price is this package?

The Email Coaching only is $49/month.

Can I ask any question about Church Growth?

Admittedly, our main focus is the digital side of Church Growth (which is essentially Marketing).  If you ask us questions outside of this, we will attempt to answer the best that we can.  However, our major focus is on the digital side. Also, our focus is Evangelical Churches.

What do you mean by ‘unlimited’?

We do mean unlimited.  However, this doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily get to every single question you ask (but we will try our best).

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