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FaithVenture Media is a Church Growth Agency that also does website design.  In fact, web design is so much the central part of our strategy that we nicknamed the website a “Hub.”  All digital Church growth activity needs the website in order to work.  We also recently added Church Growth Academy and Church Growth Coaching to our offerings because we’re moving forward Church Growth and want to help as many Churches as possible grow.

Our packages are priced in such a way that smaller Churches can afford to grow.  Plus, we don’t have setup/design fees anymore (you just start paying our monthly price).  Also, our Church growth coaching starts at $49/month.

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In the beginning of the Internet, the only need was for custom design.  That was also expensive.  However, now custom isn’t as important as well-designed.

Still, the price that Churches have to pay often is not economical for smaller Churches.  At FaithVenture Media, we want to change that by offering Churches packages that help them grow at an affordable price.  We’re often improving our offerings to better help Churches; therefore, we also are agile.


Each package includes one account to Church Growth Academy, our digital Church Growth mini-courses (in many different categories) to give Churches what they need to grow.

Churches that don’t want to do it all on your own don’t have to, as we also can handle that with our Disciple Generation or Disciple Generation Plus packages, giving Churches the four main methods to grow:  Hub (Church website), Automation (managed Church Management System), Traffic (Social Media and Advertising, Ad Spend is separate), and Trust (Reviews and Testimonials).

The difference between those two packages is that Disciple Generation Plus also includes video editing of your sermon to give you 3 short clips of your sermon each week.

Even though we’re a tiny agency, we have giant ideas and love to think outside of the box (what box?).

While we are picky about who our clients are, as we do stick to our doctrinal convictions, if you’re an Evangelical Church, we’d love to talk about how we can help your Church.

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