1. Help the community come to a closer relationship with Christ
  2. Reach the world for Christ
  3. Help your members grow Spiritually
  4. It’s a great way to do outreach
  5. It can be a great beneficial experience for all involved

First, a podcast can help you reach your community for Christ.  When your community hears about the podcast, they will likely be intrigued.  A lot of Churches currently put their sermons online, but not too many yet have podcasts.  This will bring a lot of curious listeners to your podcast, if it’s promoted.  Plus, it’s a reason to run a Facebook or Google ad.

Secondly, not only your community can hear the podcast.  Since it will be on the Internet, it will be available to all who have access to those platforms where your podcast is (and you can get it on all the podcast platforms available, pretty much).

Thirdly, your Church members will benefit by the Spiritual aspect of your podcast.  Perhaps it’s a shorter version of last week’s or the upcoming sermon, or perhaps it’s on a totally different subject altogether, but regardless, it’s a great way to help your Church members grow.

Fourthly, it can bring people to your Church.  If your Church starts a podcast, it can be a source of outreach for your local ministry at the Church.

Fifthly, it’s a very wholesome activity for those who are involved with it.  Many people treat podcasting as a hobby, but for your Church it will also be beneficial.  Your podcast could also feature guests, if you want, through interviews or talking.  They don’t have to be where you are.  You can record a Zoom meeting and then use the audio from the Zoom meeting for the podcast.

An important note, however, is that you need to keep in mind that it can take a year or so of consistent (weekly at least) podcasting to really start to see results like those you probably want to see from it, so even if it looks like you’re not being effective, keep trying for at least a year consistently.

If you’d like to learn how to start a podcast, we offer a course on that in the Church Growth Academy.  Click here to learn how you can get access to the Church Growth Academy for free.