Physical devotional books, newsletters, etc. are all very helpful. However, the publication process can take a while.

One thing that Churches can do quickly is to create online resources. The process to do so can be similar to creating physical resources, but no publishing and printing is involved. Plus, you don’t have to keep making copies of the resources (or find out that you’ve printed too many copies).

What are some advantages to creating online resources?

  1. It’s free to create resources. There are many free options, including Canva (which has a free or paid version).
  2. People can easily find the resources. If you create an online resource library, you can categorize your materials based on topic and format.
  3. You don’t have to print the resources. Creating them online gives you the opportunity to scale your resource production.
  4. You can create a good resource in just a few days (or even a day, depending on how much you know about creating these types of resources).
  5. People don’t have to live in your area to get (or even find) your resource. This allows you to reach the entire world with the Gospel of Christ.
  6. You don’t have delivery costs. Unless the tool you’re using requires a fee to deliver the resource, you don’t have to pay for delivery.
  7. You can easily make these resources free without costing your Church extra. If you use free resources, you don’t have any costs and therefore don’t have to charge even a minimal fee for your Church members and guests to get your resources.

We have some resources on our Church Growth Academy to help you on the journey of resource creation. The cost for these mini-courses is just $15/month per user, and you get access to a variety of resources at your fingertips, whenever you want and wherever you are (pretty much) in the world!

To get a proposal for Church Growth Academy (where you can directly get access), please visit https://faithventuremedia.com/get-a-proposal/#academy.