Have you ever heard the idea that the Church needs to get out from behind the four walls?  Usually, that referred to the members.  However, in today’s world, driven by technology, there are so many ways Churches can reach the world through technology – including through simple, free technology that you have access to simply with an Internet connection (and email address).

People tend to think technology is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  Sure, it’s changing regularly, but principles remain the same (and even improve over time).  It used to be that, to meet with people, you had to be in the same room, but through the use of technology, I am communicating with you all the way from Romania (where I have lived since 2015).  The same can be applied to your Church growth strategy.  After all, you’re not really growing your Church – you’re growing God’s global Church, Jesus’ bride.

Church classes are great, and are important for spiritual growth, but what if your Church could go out of its own four walls and open up its classes to the world (and offer it for free)?  Your Church would be growing, even if it’s not just your local community that’s benefiting from it.  You would go from a small Church to a global Church, literally reaching the world for Christ.

Using just the tools that come on your laptop, tablet, and/or phone (to start with), you could film video lessons that you put together in mini-courses (no, we’re not talking about accredited seminary courses, though you could do that as well, if you wanted) that people around the world could access at any time (including signing up and logging on even while you’re asleep).

Just 20 years ago, this would have been next to impossible (because of technology as well as the cost), but now the startup costs for this are next to nothing.  As I just mentioned, you could even use your phone or tablet to record the videos (you don’t necessarily need a video camera, though that would make it much more professional).

We offer Digital Marketing services for Evangelical Churches to help them grow.  Our services include helping Churches with a ChMS (Church Management System) that also allows the creation of digital courses as well as creating branded portals.  What this means for your Church is that the ChMS wouldn’t have anyone else’s branding or logos on it, just your Church.  It means that even small Churches can look large (as this is included in all of our Church Growth packages). To learn more about our packages, visit faithventuremedia.com/packages.