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About Jeremy G Woods

Church Growth Coach

Jeremy Woods has a degree in Marketing and a passion to help the Church grow.  Not by using flashy gimmicks and methods that bring in worldliness to the Church, but through technology that we can use in our time to reach our communities and the world for Christ.

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Why Your Church Should Create Digital Resources to Help your Members and Community Grow Spiritually

Physical devotional books, newsletters, etc. are all very helpful. However, the publication process can take a while. One thing that Churches can do quickly is to create online resources. The process to do so can be similar to creating physical resources, but no...

Free Short Social Media Training for Churches

By now, perhaps you’ve been hearing about “The 1-Page Church Social Media Plan.” At FaithVenture Media, we have something similar. We have a framework that’s built around getting the most out of social media posting. While we don’t give you a specific deliverable...

Develop an Online Community for Your Church

Churches usually meet every Sunday and Wednesday, but what about the other days of the week? Members sometimes stay in touch with each other, but not always. That’s why, pretty much as long as the Internet has been around, Churches have put online member directories...